Education and Discipleship

All classes begin (except if noted otherwise) on June 4th to August 27th. Even if you miss a class at any time, all class leaders encourage everyone to participate when they can: Even if you miss a class or two (or more), you will still learn! Please join us for this chance to grow in your faith. The classes (unless noted otherwise) meet on Sunday morning from 9:45 to 10:45 am.



A Ministry To Families With Kids In The Home

(Infants through High School)

Youth Room | Teachers: Scott Wilson, Weston Oxley

When our priorities are HOMEWARD, strong families will emerge.  Strong families yield strong communities & strong churches.  Our purpose is to equip families with kids in the home to be a reflection of God’s family and a good example for the world to see.  We strive to have engaging environments to encourage spiritual growth, healthy marriages, and connected relationships.



Room C8 | Teacher: Rick Welty

Heaven, the destiny for all of eternity for those of us that know and trust in Christ as our Savior.  But what do we really know of our eternal home?  The Bible has revealed much about the subject in both the Old and New Testaments and we will dig into the scriptures.  We will also address such topics as worship in heaven, work in heaven, animals in heaven, time, food, coffee, etc.  (You know, all the essentials and pleasantries on this side of heaven.)  The Lord wants us to know about His Heavenly Kingdom prepared for His children, and we will study just that.  Please come and join us in this most interesting and delightful study.


2 Corinthians and John 1 Seminar

Learning Center | Teachers: Pastor Lee Johnson, Randy Hroziencik, and George Reynolds

In this quarter Pastor Johnson and Randy Hroziencik will bring 2 Corinthians to a close, and then during the month of August George Reynolds will teach on the first chapter of John’s Gospel, discussing what he has learned from a very extensive personal study of this particular text. 


The Old Testamant and the Gospel of Jesus

Room C10 | Teacher: Sue Hulett

What might the books of Isaiah and Jeremiah tell us about God and the Gospels?  We will study the great prophetic books of the Old Testament to see how they shine a light on the Gospel message of Jesus.  We will also study the prophetic and poetic forms of both the Old and New Testaments, as shown in these books.  Drop in any time.



Women Connected To God and His World

Library | Teacher: Anita Beetler

 This class offers a time of fellowship for women to pray, study God’s Word, and discuss the issues that capture our attention.  Come prepared to be spiritually uplifted.


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