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Check-in May 24 Online Service

If there is more than one of you watching this morning, only one person in your group/family needs to put your name here.

Please include yourself (the name above) in this count, meaning it should at least be 1.

Would you like more information on getting baptized?

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If you made a significant decision about following Jesus, we'd love to hear about it.

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If you'd like a member of our team to contact you, please provide us with your contact information and the reason you'd like us to reach out.

Do you have a story of encouragement to share from this season of what the Lord is doing in your life?

Is there something you'd like to make available for others in need? Could be as simple as willingness to go shopping or provide childcare.

Is there a specific need you have because of the current social distancing that others in our church community might be able to give help?