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From Rubble to Restoration

Nehemiah: From Rubble to Restoration

The book of Nehemiah is the story of God using an ordinary man in extraordinary ways to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem after the city had been destroyed. Along the way the walls were rebuilt, but the people and their lives were transformed from rubble to restoration. In the same way, Jesus has come to rescue us, whose lives have been destroyed by sin so that we can find restoration and redemption through Him.

Framing Your Faith

We often confuse the implications of our faith with the foundation of our faith and end up arguing about details rather than grounding ourselves more and more in Jesus.

Finding Joy in the Journey

As Paul faced significant challenges and potentially the end of his life, he found Gospel joy in the midst of his journey with Christ. He challenged them saying, " is my eager expectation and hope that I will not be at all ashamed, but that with full courage now as always Christ will be honored in my body, whether by life or by death. For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain" (Phil 1:20, 21). Paul was able to find joy and contentment in Christ even when his situation was a discouraging struggle.

The Christmas Story

There are many stories that are told at Christmas time about presents, decorations, lights, singing, and even Santa. But THE Christmas Story is the Hope of the world coming to save lost people in need of a savior. THE Christmas story is not fictitious like many of the stories told this time of year. Let's celebrate the Christmas Story that matters most, the coming of Jesus.

This is Us

We are made to be in relationship with one another. Learn how to build and deepen lasting relationships the way God intended.