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Gospel Generosity

We look at Jesus' sermon on the mount, and how He painted a picture of the difference between living a self-righteous "good life" and an actual, gospel driven, generous life.


The latter chapters of the Book of Acts give us a picture of how the gospel gained mileage in the world 2,000 years ago, and how it can gain mileage in our own lives today.

The Weight of a Stone

The empty tomb of Jesus shows that God moves stones that are immovable for us. That 2-ton boulder was no match for the power of God. In our lives boulders of sin, regret, anxiety, and shame that many carry throughout life can be moved through the power of God which raised Jesus from the dead.


As the early church grew, it developed momentum through the Gospel. This sermon series on the book of Acts encourages us towards building momentum in our lives in spite of barriers that stand in our way.

Lies We Believe

When it seems like the whole world believes and passes on certain lies, it’s hard not to buy into them.  It takes the knowledge and discernment of Scripture to filter out the lies masquerading as truth.