Worship Candidate

Get to know Kevin Fogerty, our lead candidate for Director of Worship and Creative Arts

We are pleased to announce that Kevin Fogerty is our lead candidate for the role of Director of Worship & Creative Arts.  After examining candidates from all over the country we are thrilled to find that our most qualified candidate is one of our own. 

After being raised and discipled by his parents and through the ministry of Bethel Baptist Church, Kevin went to Judson University where he studied business.  While in college he was immersed in worship and youth ministries and the Lord began leading his heart toward vocational ministry.  After college he was hired for a position at Willow Creek Community Church leading worship for youth and college ministries.  Then he became the Worship Director at First Baptist Church in Elkart. He finished his Seminary Masters Degree through Liberty University, and since 2011 he’s been the Worship & Youth Pastor at Harvest Bible Chapel in Woodhull. 

On Sunday November 18th Kevin will lead worship at Bethel during a candidating weekend.  He’ll meet with Worship ministries leaders and run rehearsals prior to the 18th.  On that Sunday you will hear his story, hear his heart and see him in action as a worship leader. At 4:00 PM we’ll have an all church potluck followed by a question and answer time with Kevin in the gym. 

 Following the Q & A we will have a special business meeting to vote on this position.  Hiring full-time ministry staff require a congregational vote by written ballot. Voting members of Bethel are encouraged to attend and participate in this exciting next step for our church. Please be in prayer for Kevin and Stephanie as they are considering this major transition in life and ministry. Pray for our church that we would have a spirit of unity and excitement as we pursue our vision to glorify God by loving people and helping them grow into authentic followers of Jesus.

Dr Jim Lacy's endorsement of Kevin Fogerty

I has been my privilege to work with over 100 churches in various roles over the past 20 years. One of my most difficult roles has been to help churches find qualified worship leaders who are a fit.  They sometimes have the talent, but not the spiritual passion or the Biblical foundations.  They sometimes can be difficult to work with (as some "artists" can be).  They often do not have the contemporary music skills teamed with a respect and love of traditional worship.  It is scary, also, to hire someone who is unknown, especially in the worship arts.

However, my honest opinion from the information I have been given, is that Kevin is a wonderful potential fit for Bethel.

 Specifically, I think you should pursue Kevin because of...

  1. His strong Biblical background.  I loved that he freely quoted the Word of God in the taped interview and desires to have a God-centered worship ministry.  
  2. His educational background.  A master's degree from Liberty is great.  I think highly of their graduate ministry programs.
  3. He and his wife's spirituality.  I am impressed that they fasted over the decision about a ministry move.  I am pleased to learn that she brings the children to  

     Bethel for the AWANA ministry.  He is concerned about witnessing!  This is increasingly rare in younger church leaders.

  1. His experience background.  He has had variety (such as Willow Creek and Harvest churches) and experience.
  2. His calling. He evidences to me a call to such a ministry.
  3. His God given talent.  I loved his playing and singing and see it as a potential talent match for BBC.
  4. His background with Bethel and willingness to move to Galesburg.  It is not a small thing that he is a known entity to BBC and that he would be willing to locate to your community.

Also,  he is the kind of guy I love to mentor and work with.

 In summary, I think the Lord has given you a great match in Kevin.  It would be a joy for me to work with him as your interim pastor.

Pastor Jim Lacy